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PANEUM (places available)

The PANEUM takes visitors on a journey into the history of bread, starting from the probably accidental "invention" of the bread in the Neolithic Age to the bread variety of these days. This story is told from hundreds of 9000 years of art and cultural objects: Egyptian grain mummies and toy cars, Peruvian totem poles and Meissen porcelain, Chinese granaries, guild tools, paintings and thousands of books. All it connects the one-brace - bread.

Feel and be amazed! The PANEUM invites you to do so. Colorfulness and a unique mix characterize exhibition and collection. It is a mix of discovery and information, of wonder and knowledge about bread. The exhibits are presented in the Wunderkammer of bread. The Wunderkammer is an idea from the Renaissance era, which is committed to a feeling that goes so deep that it burns in the heart and brain: the wonder.

Also amazing is the architecture. It lives from the combination of opposites: edges and flowing lines, wood and stainless steel, tradition and innovation, light and dark. While stainless steel shingles shine in the sun outside, wood inside creates a unique showroom. The PANEUM bears the signature of Wolf D. Prix of COOP HIMMELB (L) AU, one of the most internationally renowned architects.

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We offer you an exclusive guided tour in the Paneum:

WHEN:                   Friday, December 7, beginning: 2:00pm
DURATION:          until about 4:00pm
LOCATION:          Paneum, Kornspitzstrasse 1, 4481 Asten
COSTS:                  Free for Alumni Club members (max 30)

Participation in the event only possible with registration!

Photo Credits: ©Paneum (Markus Pillhofer)