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Book presentation - Andreas Salcher (seats available)


On the evening of 22 January, the Alumni Club is proud to welcome a famous guest speaker at the faculty Linz of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria: Dr. Andreas Salcher, Austrian author of seven bestsellers, presents his new book with the title "The Whole Life In A Day".

A single change of the perspective may change a life. The method to see the life as within a day offers this opportunity. Just imagine your whole life as it would go by within 24 hours. All important topics and events that take place slowly year after year will be experienced from a different point of view. The goal is to help people to decide in each section of their life in which direction they want to head to.

In his new Book "The Whole Life In A Day", Andreas Salcher connects recent findings in the field of science concerning the overall happiness with life with the lores of Seneca and the lessons taught by the Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast. Salcher's book addresses topics like:

  • How life destroys our illusions in exchange for life experience so that we can learn from mortifications in order to not lose our will to live.
  • How our job and our family demand all our energy - and how it distracts us from the fact that we have already finished half of our journey.
  • How we are able to succeed more with less effort if we focus on what we like to do and on our strengths.

We offer you an exclusive mix of book presentation and lecture held by consultant Dr. Andreas Salcher that is followed by a Q&A-session and the possibility to get the books bought at the event get signed by the author.

WHEN:                   Tuesday, 22 January 2019
DURATION:           from 6.30 pm to 8 pm
LOCATION:            FH Upper Austria, building A, HS-1
REGISTRATION:    to the registration form

Participating in this event is both possible for alumni and students, but registration is obligatory!
We are asking for a binding registration (in time) in order to be able to plan the requirements for this event properly.

We also address explicitly that we are going to take photos during the event for the purpose of documentation and publish them on our Alumni Club-channels (website, social media).

Photo Credit: ©Ecowin Verlag