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Workshop "how do I tick as a person?" (sold out)

How do I tick as a person?
Influence of personal thinking styles on my communication

How many people really speak the same language, even if they speak the same language?
Thinking style preferences affect everything we do, communication, decision making, problem solving, and more.
The understanding of one's own thinking style preference opens up new perspectives on one's own perception and one's own communication behavior.
For a purposeful communication, it is important to understand the language and mindset of the other person.

In this workshop, you will learn about your preferred thinking styles and how they affect your communication skills, and thereby make your communication even more successful.

 Recognition of personal thinking styles based on the HBDI * model
 The influence our thinking has on our way of communicating
 Conclusions for successful communication

• Recognize your own thinking style and behavioral preferences
• More deliberately adjust their own communication behavior to the interlocutors

Dr. Karoline Moldaschl-Pree is a systemic organizational consultant, trainer and coach.
More at:

We offer you an exclusive 4 hour workshop with Dr. Ing. Karoline Moldaschl-Pree at an attractive price:

WHEN:                      Friday, October 05, start: 02:00pm
DURATION:             until about 06:00pm
LOCATION:              FH Upper Austria Campus Linz, SR-A 105
COSTS:                      EUR 20 for Alumni Club members
                                   non-members EUR 35 (max 15 participants)
REGISTRATION:     this workshop is fully booked, no more seats available

Participation in the event only possible with registration!

Photo Credit: ©Karoline Moldaschl-Pree