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Workshop "Gesprächsführung reloaded" (sold out)

Gesprächsführung reloaded

In conversations and discussions in which contrary approaches are discussed, it is usually the case that the fronts harden rather than clarify. It is not uncommon that statements such as "We're doing it that way!" Are enough to end the conversation abruptly.

The workshop "Gesprächsführung reloaded" builds on the content of the workshop "Gesprächsführung" and, on request, is a continuation of the topic "Target-oriented and solution-oriented discussion". You can expect the following contents in the workshop:

• How our listening influences the conversation, especially at the relationship level
• Connecting and apt statements in communication
• Evaluate versus rate and their impact on communication
• Professionally lead challenging chats on the scale question

A prior completion of the workshop discussion is recommended!

Mag. Alexander Stankovsky MBA is an independent trainer with focus on leadership and discussion, systemic-solution-oriented coach and systemic organizational consultant according to SySt ©. In addition, development and long-term management of the business division IN.SPIRE at the LIMAK Austrian Business School with a focus on the analysis and conception of large-scale projects in the area of ​​integrated management development.

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We offer you an exclusive 4 hour workshop at an attractive price:

WHEN:                  Friday, November 30th, start: 02:00pm
DURATION:          until about 06:00pm
LOCATION:           FH Upper Austria Campus Linz, SR A-103
COSTS:                  EUR 20 for Alumni Club, Non-members EUR 35 (max 20 participants)

Participation in the event only possible with registration!

Photo Credits: ©Alexander Stankovsky