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Workshop "Gesprächsführung reloaded": Providing feedback like pro


Providing subordinates with feedback without creating a negative atmosphere is one of the biggest challenges for supervisors. After participating in our workshop with Alexander Stankovsky, 15 of our graduates are well-prepared for such a tricky situation.

It is one of the duties of supervisors in companies to provide their subordinates with feedback on a regular basis. This opportunity is not only used to praise the employees for their qualities, but also to criticize and to address potential improvements. For sure, starting such a feedback dialogue without creating a negative atmosphere is always tricky.

In the workshop "Gesprächsführung reloaded" with Alexander Stankovsky, the participants were prevented with information on how to successfully take on this challenge. His approach was built around an important instrument: the scale question. By means of vital storytelling and vivid examples, our graduates were taught how to improve their skills in terms of providing feedback.

After the theoretical input, the participants were encouraged to try out this tool in a dialogue. During this exercise, they did not only learn to give their partner time to think, but also to critically reflect their own preconceived point of view and to contribute to a constructive atmosphere. At the end of the workshop, the participants affirmed that they intend to use this instrument in their daily work. 

We would like to thank all graduates that participated in our workshop and hope that they are successful when using their newly acquired skill on their job.

Remark: We are really looking forward to our trip to the PANEUM this week as well as to the events taking place at the beginning of 2019: the workshop "Rhetorik" (18 January) and the book presentation of Andreas Salcher (22 January). Registration has already started.