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Company Visit Starlim//Sterner

Very interesting afternoon at Starlim // Sterner in Marchtrenk.Starlim // Sterner builds tools and ready-made technical moldings made of silicone and multi-component parts by injection molding. Clear alignment: mass productionThank you for the great tour, presentation and the culinary conclusion.  Read more

Alumni Club Trip - Ireland

31 Alumni Club members including accompanying persons were enthusiastic. 5 days in Ireland (Dublin & Galway) Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Google Visit of the University of Applied Sciences, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin and Galway, delicious food and especially Guinness & Co ... and for Halloween :-) We are looking forward to the Alumni Club Trip next year 2017!  Read more

Industrie4.0 - Effects on Storage and Supply Chain

More than 60 guests attended the insider & expert Gerhard Anzinger. Exciting lecture, lots of questions and sufficient time at the subsequent buffet for networking.  Read more


Beautiful Indian summer weather, Special tour and lovely Catering. All this ingredients were part of the interesting evening at the Höhenrausch in Linz > 30 alumni Club members took part!  Read more

Swimming with Olympic Starter

Alumni Club FH OÖ Members meet Olympic participant & professional swimmer Jördis Steinegger to a swimming pool. Great and many expert tips for all ambitious swimmers are very helpful. Thank you dear Jördis for this beautiful afternoon :-)  Read more

Workshop "Selbstkompetenz/Gesprächsführung"

"Great", "Very Useful", "I was able to take a lot of things," etc. are only a few statements from the participants of the Alumni Club FH OÖ Workshop "Selbstkompetenz / Gesprächsführung" with coach Alexander Stankovsky.  Read more

Welios Wels - special exhibition "Schwerelos"

In spite of a hot summer day and Welser Messe, 15 interested alumni Club FH OÖ members were able to experience an exciting tour with the curator of the exhibition, Ludick. Welios, we will be back :-)  Read more

Segway Tour - Steyr

Steyr is probably the city in Austria, where a Segway tour is most worthwhile. Narrow streets, main square, Enns, Steyr Kai ... and not to forget the FH OÖ campus as well as the castle Lamberg. The fun factor was great!  Read more

HOLIS Cooking Workshop

Cooking is difficult, elaborate and not fun ..... the 15 Alumni Club FH OÖ Participants at the cookery shop in the Holis were enthusiastic ... and enjoyed the joint meal in the connection :-)  Read more

Ars Electronica Center

30! participants have not missed the ARS Electronica Center in Linz. Plus an informative lecture on the cultural management of the ARS Electronica Festival as well as a current Deep Space Movie!  Read more

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