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5th AC General Meeting: All highlights and resolutions

At the 5th general meeting of the Alumni Club not only the direction for the future was presented: There was also a comprehensive change in the statutes, the foundation of an advisory board as well as an increase in the number of members of the board.  Read more

Alumni become active: Get involved with us!

The Alumni Club FH Oberösterreich now has about 2,700 members. Have you ever thought of playing an active role in this network? If not, we have a few suggestions for you.  Read more

Review of operational management: The Steyr heart in the BMW

Our alumni learned everything about diesel engines in the course of a tour of the BMW Group plant in Steyr - starting with their development and operation, through their production and assembly.  Read more

Creativity techniques: The cure for tunnel vision

To find solutions for problems or create innovations, you have to think a little bit around the corner. The impulse workshop "Design Thinking" revealed how productive this thinking process can be when approached methodically and as a group.  Read more

Motivation and error culture: The success combination for change

In Claudia Luca's workshop, the participants learned that the success of changes in companies depends largely on their own attitude and the prevailing culture of error.  Read more

Visiting the MIC: The casual topic of customs

The tour of MIC Datenverarbeitung GmbH showed that it is not only possible to earn real money with the development and sale of customs software, but also to make an international career.  Read more

Workshop Rhetoric: Knowing how words work

In her workshop Daniela Strolz-Holzer presented the rhetorical formula for success ALF to the participants. If you were not able to attend, you can read about what is behind it here.  Read more

Lecture: The hurdles in change projects

The psychologists from the management consultancy Avanade dealt with the human side of change in their exciting lecture. They showed where these changes occur and how to deal with them.  Read more

Ski day in Schladming: Alumni on the piste

Our alumni spent a sporty 9th March in the Schladming-Dachstein ski area: In fantastic weather conditions, the participants covered numerous kilometres of slopes. Even the fun in the huts was not missed out. Click through the picture gallery and see for yourself!  Read more

Workshop: Why it is good to know how people tick

In the workshop held by Karoline Moldaschl-Pree, the participants got to know their personality. The model used in this context may serve as a practical tool for the human resources department when it comes to hiring the right people for certain jobs.  Read more

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