Presentation: Markus Pollhamer/Alexander Mach "How we can prepare today for tomorrow's working world" (places available)

We offer you an exclusive lecture by Markus Pollhamer and Alexander Mach and the topic "How we can prepare today for tomorrow's working world"

Networking and digitization have led to major changes in the economy in recent years. The world has changed, the environment of companies has changed. The working world has become more uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Technical developments coupled with human creativity create solutions that the thinking of individuals and organizations must first follow.

Alexander Mach discusses the impact and potential for digitization on companies, and which solution options companies have to adapt to the digital framework.
Markus Pollhamer takes up the changes of the working world and describes what these mean for each individual. It presents the opportunities that these changes provide to the individual and why it is important, with increasing complexity and acceleration in the outside, to find peace and order within.

DI (FH) Markus Pollhamer is a graduate of FH-Wels (IPM). After 10 years of experience in the innovation management of an industrial enterprise, he took the leap into independence. His company, Innoviduum GmbH, supports people and organizations in realizing their full potential. You can find more information HERE

In recent years, Alexander Mach has held leading positions both national and international. He also follows the trend to be his own boss and starts the company in June 2017 - Digital Knowledge Network and Consulting GmbH. On a scientific basis, he brought together the topics of digitization and knowledge management, thereby supporting brave companies to reinvent themselves and to align themselves.

WHEN:                 Wednesday, June 07th, start: 06:30pm
DURATION:         until about 08:30 pm
LOCATION:         FH OÖ Campus Wels, HS-7, ground floor, Stelzhamerstrasse 23, 4600 Wels
COSTS:                FREE for alumni club members (accompanying persons on request)

Participation in the event is possible only with registration! Afterwards we invite again to a small snack for good network discussions!

Credits: ©Alexander Mach/Markus Pollhamer