Lottery: Win a 50 € Amazon gift card


Participate in a survey about leadership in virtual teams to qualify for the lottery

Global Sales and Marketing-student Lukas Lackinger is writing his master thesis about virtual leadership - the key challenge for leaders. In this context, he conducts research on emerging tools and virtual leadership's influencing attributes and aspects compared to analogue leadership.

The quantitative part of his study is based on opinions on the topic of virtual teams (remote work, home-office and virtual teams) shared by people working in leading positions. Thus, Lukas is reaching out to all of our members with experience and/or expertise in this field, asking them for support. If you need more information about the focus and expected outcome of the thesis, the abstract can be downloaded below.

The survey he prepared takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but it pays off to invest this time:

Not only are you going to receive a copy of his overall master thesis, in which Lukas is reflecting the key findings of the quantitative research and the qualitative interviews he has already performed with experts.

Among all participants, he will also draw one winner who is going to receive a 50 € Amazon gift card. The lottery will take place on 17 April 2021. All participants until then will be considered.