TalentCoach: potential analysis


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Do you know your full potential?

Are you a type of person looking for a full-time job with pre-defined tasks and a clear daily routine? Do you want to try out new tracks as and make your own rules as an entrepreneur? Or are you striving for autonomy and creative self-realization, but in a stable and supportive work environment?

You will not only ask questions like these at the beginning of your career: Even after years of working in the same or different positions, your thoughts will still circle around these questions. Why? Because as time passes, our interests and expectations change. New challenges and perspectives increase our level of happiness.

Insight is the first step ...

How do I choose the right task for me out of a huge variety of interesting offers? Making the right decision in such a situation is rather hard, as it requires a profund assessment of my own strengths and preferences. In order to get to that, you should know yourself quite well, but also seek for the opinion of your family, friends and colleagues.

... coming to the right conclusions the second one

In this context, the TalentCoach by Innoviduum is quite helpful: The app allows you to assess yourself and to collect the impressions of others. It then analyses all the data, connects it and creates a profile of your personality based on it. If you are interested, you can discuss your results with an experienced potential coach. This may help you to find out which actions you need to take.

Get one of 50 free TalentCoach-licences valid for 3 months

Markus Pollhamer, co-founder and CEO of the Innoviduum GmbH, has a special deal for our members: He offers 50 licences for his TalentCoach - all of them valid for thre month - as a free give-away. Please find out how to get your personal code in our digital Club Card. Install it right now to benefit from this great offer!


But the offer does not end here:

After you have finished your potential analysis, you can reach out to Markus to book a professional coaching individually. In the course of this coaching, your results will be discussed and you will work out which steps to take next. This is a special service, indeed, as it usually only offered to business partners.

What does a coaching cost?

The regular cost of it is 150 EUR. The first ten members, however, that contact Markus to book a coaching, will only pay a reduced price of 90 EUR.  For all of you that do not have a clear imagination of their future yet, this is an advisable investment: If you are aware of your talents and know where you are heading to, it is more probable to avoid decisions you may regret in the future.

How can I book it?

If you are an Alumni Club-member and are interested in booking this service, please send an inquiry to service@remove-this.innoviduum.atAs Markus' resources for individual coachings are limited, however, as they require some time for him to prepare, please only reach out for an appointment if you have made your analysis already and are planning to use this service.