Annual fee 2021: Board decides to reduce it to € 15,-


As a reaction to the Corona crisis and the resulting consequences, our association board has decided to reduce the membership fee to EUR 15,- for the coming year.

The Corona crisis hit us unprepared in early March. And even though the current sharp drop in infection figures is encouraging: There is no question that we will feel the effects of the virus lockdown even longer.

On the one hand, there are economic consequences such as loss of earnings due to closures, short-time work or unemployment. On the other hand, the current legal framework conditions mean that we as an association only have a very limited opportunity to provide services for you in 2020.

Looking forward to 2021: Half the contribution for double the performance

Due to these developments, the executive committee of the association decided at its last meeting on 28 April to halve the membership fee for the coming year. This is a sign of appreciation to our members, who remain loyal to us even in times of crisis. This step is possible for us because in 2021 we can also fall back on reserves which the association has built up in recent years through foresighted financial planning. 

A large part of these reserves will be used to promote the diversification of the association's offerings. We are currently working in the background under high pressure to launch new digital services. These will be published gradually in the coming months and will form an optimal addition to our rich programme of events. If that is not a reason to look optimistically into the future!