Central organisation and coordination

  • Mag. Viktoria Grünberger (1st representative of FH Upper Austria + Cashier)
  • Mag. Dr. Christine Schiller-Ripota (2st representative of FH Upper Austria)

Section Hagenberg

  • Wolfgang Hochleitner, BSc MSc (Section Chairperson + General Chairperson)
  • Peter S. Knittl-Frank, BSc (Deputy Section Chairperson)

Section Linz

  • Christoph Aumayr, BA (Deputy Section Chairperson)

Section Steyr

  • DI (FH) Thomas Gierlinger (Section Chairperson + Deputy General Chairperson)
  • Georg Feichtinger, MA (Deputy Section Chairperson)

Section Wels

  • DI (FH) Markus Pollhamer (Section Chairperson)
  • Ing. Jürgen Hutflesz, BSc MA (Deputy Section Chairperson)