A support that pays off

Why it is beneficial to invest in your own network

Why do more than 2,300 graduates have a club membership for 25 Euro a year? Because they get a lot in return for their money: Under regular conditions, we would have to charge a minimum of 90 Euro per year to be able to offer you such a huge variety and quality of services.

You get what you pay for

Does it make sense to be part of a network where the membership is for free, but nothing is happening due to a lack of resources? Not really. If  everyone contributes a little, however, and a huge benefit is created for all members, that makes perfect sense. Especially when you know that our annual fee is only symbolic compared to our members' annual salaries.

Is it possible to get a better deal for 25 Euro?

Let's see what we can buy alternatively for this amount of money:
A haircut, three tickets for the movies or five pizzas. 25 Euro also have to be paid for the annual service fee for your mobile phone. A bank account of a larger bank costs the same - but per quarter. In the Alumni Club, you get further education events, valuable career services and discounts.

We compare apples to pears?

Well, let's take a look at the benefit-cost-ratio of various job networks then: A premium accout at LinkedIn or XING starts at 10 Euro per month and therefore costs at least four times as much as a membership in the Alumni Club. Useful contacts are not included in that price. You have to find them all on your own.

The big advantage of the club:

We grant you access to our big network from the first day on. Among our members, there are a lot of high potentials, established experts, experienced leaders and successful founders. They are all coming from different academic fields, are working in different industries - and are all well-connected within the Austrian economy.

Our gift for graduates: Benefit from all our offers for free until the end of this year

The reason why we can offer our members numerous high-quality services is the willingness of 10% of all FH-graduates to financially support our club. We convinced most of them to give us a chance in the course of our free test period: Since the club was founded, all new alumni members are granted the same rights and advantages as paying members. This free entry phase lasts until 31 December in the year of registration. In the next year then, the annual membership is charged for the first time. If you do not want to pay it, you can cancel your membership anytime via our online form.

Students and employees of FH Upper Austria do not pay a membership fee

In contrast to many other alumni clubs, we already encourage students to become a member. They also benefit from all advantages. Due to their limited financial possibilities, they do not pay an annual fee until they have finished their studies. The membership for employees of the FH Upper Austria is for free, too, as they are actively involved in the development of our programme and help us to acquire new members.