My Club Card

Everything you need to know


Save your club number

You need your club number to register for certain events and to unlock special offers.

See non-public events and benefits

In our Club Card, you always find exclusive content that we do not show on our website.

Prove membership status

To visit the FH libraries or to book a language course, showing the Club Card is mandatory.

All events and offers in one place

Thanks to the chronological ranking of our postings, you always see what's up next.

Register via the app

No matter where you are: If you see interesting events, you can book your place right away.

Regular push-messages

As a card-holder, you find out first about deals and events that are limited in time and quantity.

Download: How to install the Club Card

Instruction: Activate the Club Card


After you have downloaded the app, you can create your Club Card. How does that work?

  • Start the app and tap on the plus-icon in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on the lens-icon and type in "Alumni Club FH OÖ".
  • Select the Club Card and skip the scanning-process.
  • Type in your club number in the "Infos" section.
  • Confirm by tapping on the tick-icon in the upper right corner.

What also might be interesting for you in this context:

It is true that the Club Card keeps you up to date about all events that club members may participate in. For most of them, it is also possible to register directly via the Club Card. There are some exceptions, however: To some events that are organized by the FH Upper Austria, the access is limited. These events are not visible on the website and not promoted outside the FH-network.

Some examples are exclusive lectures of partners or company visits that are only interesting for a certain target group. These events are only accessible via the Career Zone. As a student or Alumni Club-member, you can register for this service by clicking on the widgets below: