Terms of cooperation

Latest update: August 2020



​​​​​​​1. Establishing a cooperation

If we agree on establishing a corporate, benefit or sponsoring partnership in an initial personal or telephone conversation, companies and self-employed coaches can fill out the corresponding form and return it to us with printable advertising photos or a company logo. With the help of this information we will create an announcement or a company link on our website. We then use our online channels to promote events and special offers. For events, the Alumni Club FH OÖ will also be happy to handle the registration process free of charge.


2. Duration of cooperations

Cooperation is limited to the duration specified in the respective form. In the case of jointly organized events, the cooperation ends with the realization of the event or with the submission of documents by the companies. Benefit partnerships are clearly limited in time and expire as agreed. Sponsoring partnerships are active until they are revoked. They can be cancelled at any time, just like a regular membership (see club rules). This requires a cancelaltion with company signature. However, the obligation to pay contributions for the following year expires, just as in the case of regular membership, only in the event of termination by 31.12. of the current calendar year.


3. Financial compensation

The Alumni Club FH OÖ and its corporate, sponsoring and benefit partners do not charge each other for any costs they incur in the context of the cooperation. This means, for example, that the Alumni Club FH OÖ does not have to reimburse any differences to the normal price resulting from discounts or other monetary advantages granted by partners to its members. Furthermore, corporate partners agree not to charge fees for lectures or workshops held by their representatives. Exceptions must be agreed in writing in advance. The Alumni Club FH OÖ does not demand any expense allowance for its support in the organisation of events. Furthermore, the Alumni Club FH OÖ carries out numerous advertising activities for events and special offers free of charge.

Self-employed coaches and club members who are commissioned by the Alumni Club FH OÖ to organise events are of course entitled to a fee or expense allowance, the amount of which they can inform us of. In this context we would like to ask you to note that the Alumni Club may not exceed the maximum rate paid by the FH Upper Austria per teaching unit (currently EUR 74,-/hour) according to the resolution of the board of directors of 09/25/2019. An overview of the lump-sum amounts with which the Alumni Club FH OÖ generally remunerates lecture services can be found in our application form.


4. Taking photos at events

Representatives of partner companies who appear in public during an event agree to be photographed during the event by representatives of the Alumni Club FH OÖ. The photos will be published for documentation purposes on the online communication channels of the Alumni Club as well as in printed matter if necessary (see club rules).

However, cooperation partners who would like to take photos of the participants of the event are explicitly advised to obtain the necessary permission in writing from the respective persons in advance. Representatives of the Alumni Club FH OÖ undertake to obtain permission to take photos from the cooperation partner before events that take place outside the premises of the FH Upper Austria. This permission can be given orally on site as well as in writing (e.g. by form).


5. Mutual advertising

The Alumni Club FH OÖ allows its cooperation partners to place their own advertising material (e.g. roll-ups, small posters, etc.) in the background in a highly visible way during jointly organised events on the premises of the FH Upper Austria. For their part, the cooperation partners agree that the Alumni Club FH OÖ may, if necessary, place advertising material of the club in the background in a clearly visible manner at events held on the premises of the company. 

Furthermore, the Alumni Club FH OÖ ensures that joint events and special offers are advertised in a target group-effective manner - both in analogue form and online. Among the services offered in this context are the design and posting of posters and announcements on the official website, the regular publication of advertising contributions in social networks as well as the repeated teasers and features in the monthly club newsletter. This service is provided free of charge.


6. Using rooms at the FH Upper Austria

Cooperation partners* who hold events at the Linz Campus of the FH Upper Austria can use the rooms available here free of charge for the duration of the event. Up to three company representatives, who play a key role in the event, will receive a free exit ticket from the public parking garage. Should the event be held on another campus of the FH Upper Austria, the general conditions must be agreed separately in advance and recorded in writing.


7. Recommendations regarding appointments

Experience has shown that for appointments that take place during the week (Monday to Thursday), the time window between 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm is ideal. If extensive events are organized, we recommend to choose appointments on Friday afternoons. In the past, the time window between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm has proven to be a good choice.


8. Providing food and drinks

In order to keep the participants in the house for networking even longer after the event, experience has shown that the offer of catering helps. Since the number of participants in Alumni Club events averages between 15 and 40 people, the Alumni Club FH OÖ does not consider it necessary to offer a warm buffet. However, what has been very well accepted in the past was a cold buffet with rolls and drinks.

If a company holding an event in a building of the FH Upper Austria wants to sponsor catering, this can be organised (see form "company tour") either by the company itself or by the Alumni Club. If companies ask the Alumni Club to organise the catering, the invoice for this will be issued to the company. In this case, the Alumni Club shall ensure that the invoice does not exceed the amount of EUR 500.


9. Cancelling events

Despite intensive advertising measures by the club in the run-up to an event, the reaching of a certain number of participants* cannot be guaranteed. By specifying the minimum number of participants (see forms), company partners determine the minimum number of people required for an event. If it is already foreseeable in the run-up to the event that this number will be undercut, the Alumni Club FH OÖ will cancel the event on behalf of the company (see cancellation conditions). Before the official cancellation, however, the company will consult the contact person that the company has indicated in the form. Experience shows that a no-show rate of between 10% and 25% can be expected for events. The Alumni Club FH OÖ makes every effort to motivate registered participants to attend by taking appropriate measures, but cannot guarantee the success of these efforts. Our partners take note of this.

If independent coaches are commissioned to conduct a workshop or coaching, the Alumni Club FH OÖ reserves the right to cancel or postpone it if it is foreseeable in advance that the minimum number of participants (8 persons) will not be reached. The decision on whether the workshop has to be cancelled or postponed will be communicated to the trainer as soon as possible, at the latest seven days before the event. In the event of a cancellation at short notice (<7 days) the trainer is entitled to have the workshop/coaching conducted at a later date (within the next six months) or - if this option is not taken up - to an expense allowance of 33% of the agreed fee (excl. VAT). If an assignment has to be cancelled by the trainer at short notice, there is the possibility, but no claim to provide the agreed service at a later date.


10. Providing participants with documents

If a corporate, benefit or sponsoring partner provides documents of an event (presentations, PDF documents etc.), these may be made available to all members of the Alumni Club FH OÖ as downloads. However, documents which are exclusively intended for the paying participants of a workshop commissioned by the Alumni Club will also be passed on exclusively to them.