A network with value

You would like to draw other members' attention to your company or share your expertise with them at a lecture or workshop? With pleasure! Here you will find everything you need.

Let's beginn with a short briefing:

Basically we are open to all ideas. However, there are a few guidelines that we would like to draw your attention to at this point: In the Alumni Club FH OÖ, we primarily offer formats that are general in nature - in other words, that are also interesting for all those members who come from other academic disciplines. If you would like to give a lecture or workshop that goes into great detail, it is best to contact your (former) faculty directly!

If you don't know in which subject area your lecture, coaching or workshop could be located, we have the following request for you: Please orientate yourself on our current topic year!

2020 is the "year of upheaval"

We are mainly looking for events that deal with the following topics:

  • What are crises, what do they trigger in us and how do we deal with them?
  • Suddenly our life (almost) only takes place on the Internet. What effects does this have on us as social beings?
  • What do we have to pay attention to when communicating online (conversation, conflict resolution etc.)?
  • How do I successfully lead meetings about MS Teams, ZOOM and Co. despite the difficulties involved?
  • How can I use video chat tools to convince others of my skills or present teaching content in an impressive way?

If you have an idea that covers one of these topics or even more, please contact us!

lectures and workshops

Lectures and workshops on professional and socio-politically relevant topics are particularly well attended. You can hold these either in your own house or free of charge on the premises of the FH Oberösterreich. Try it out and submit your suggestion via the form!

company visits

You want to introduce your start-up or your current employer to others? We would be happy to support you in organizing a guided tour! Take the opportunity to present the way your company works and network with other members afterwards!

club sponsoring

Are you planning an event or a service that might be interesting for other members, but for which you lack the necessary capital? We are happy to help! Simply contact us by phone and briefly present your request. During an initial meeting we will define the goal and scope. Then fill out our sponsorship agreement and send it to us. Our board of directors will then decide promptly on a possible financial commitment.

APPLICATION FORM to get sponsoring of the Alumni Club

Please mind that our club rules and terms of cooperation apply.