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Sponsor the club's work with your membership fee. In 2021, it is EUR 15,-/year*

Since 2009, every 9th graduate of the FH Upper Austria has decided to become a member of the Alumni Club FH OÖ. By doing so, they do not only stay in in contact with their University, but also foster the activities at their former campus. Furthermore, they benefit from a lot of special deals, generous discounts on further education programs as well as from various career services. With more than 2,600 members, the Alumni Club FH OÖ is more than a club: It is a regional success network. A network that is looking forward to welcoming you in its circle. 

*At the moment, only graduates, students and employees of/at the FH Upper Austria may join the Alumni Club FH OÖ. Our alumni support the club's work by paying an annual fee. In 2021, we charge you EUR 15,- (not the regular EUR 30,-). In the year you join us, you do not have to pay a fee. If you cancel your membership until 31 Dezember of this year, we do not charge you a membership fee in the following year. Students and employees benefit from a free membership. Companies and coaches that would like to cooperate with us please find further information in the section GET INVOLVED.