Latest update: January 2020



1) Who may join the Alumni Club?

The Alumni Club FH OÖ primarily consists of graduates of the FH Upper Austria. However, employees of the university and active students are also allowed to join us. This means: If you wish, you will be accepted into our regional success network from the first day of your studies. Your membership with us is free of charge until the end of your studies or until the end of your work for the FH Upper Austria.


2) How can I join the Alumni Club?

For our alumni we have an online form that is both beautifully designed and simple and can be filled out very quickly. As a student you also have the possibility to register with the study assistant* using a paper form. When you register, you can also subscribe to our newsletter, which we highly recommend!



3) Who is my contact person in the Alumni Club?

That is me, Mario Rubenzer. Currently, I am the General Secretary of the Alumni Club and in this function, I am responsible for all of your requests. So I case that you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Please find my contact data HERE.


4) How do we address each other?

In the Alumni Club, students, graduates and employees of/at the FH Upper Austria meet to chat with and to support each other. We treat each other with mutual respect and are on eye level - and we communicate in a rather casual and informal way.


5) What is the club lounge and how do I use it?

In the club lounge, you can update your user profile, download your club card, check your activities and connect with other members. In order to login, you only have to click on the following LINK and to insert your club number and your password


6) How do I know what is happening in the Alumni Club?

We recommend you to install our digital club card on your mobile phone. This has a lot of advantages for you:

First of all, it saves your club number - so you do not have to remember it. You need this number to register for events or to benefit from our special deals. Furthermore, our club card keeps you informed about upcoming events and exclusive offers for our members.

In addition to the our website, we have a lot of social media channels (Facebook, XING and LinkedIn), on which we continuously share relevant information with you. We even have four different versions of our monthly newsletter – one for each faculty. By subscribing to it, you will also stay updated about what is happening at your former campus. If you have not subscribed to it yet, you can do so anytime in the settings of our club lounge. 


7) What about my privacy?

We care a lot about your privacy. If you want to convince yourself that we respect and protect it, we recommend you to take a look at our privacy policy. Here you are going to find all information related to this important issue in detail.


8) How can I contribute something actively?

Apart from your membership fee, with which you support our work financially, you also have various other possibilities to become actively involved with us. For example, you can help students to bring their projects and/or bachelor/master theses to a successful conclusion by participating in our surveys. We are also happy to help you with the distribution of your surveys, whereby we have defined strict rules for this.

Furthermore, we would be pleased if you would like to give a lecture or workshop at one of the campuses of the FH Upper Austria or if you would like to initiate a cooperation with the company you work for. These can also be quite diverse: Starting from guided tours in your company over special deals and funding partnerships to career services.


9) How much is the annual membership fee?


Graduates currently support the club's work with an annual membership fee of 25,- Euro. Students and employees of the FH Upper Austria are not charged at all. The annual fee is collected once and in full at the beginning of each calendar year. In the calendar year in which you join us, you do not have to pay a membership fees. The money collected is exclusively used to create numerous benefits for our club members and to promote acitivities at the campuses of the FH Upper Austria. We do not use it to go on holiday - but if, we do, we take you with us. Promise ;)


10) Which payment methods are accepted in the Alumni Club?


From January 2020 on, the membership fee will be collected exclusively by direct debit in the first quarter of the calender year. Therefore, providing us with a valid bank account is a condition for becoming a member of the Alumni Club. If you do not agree to this, you can revoke your consent to the direct debit order up to three weeks after your registration. If you decide to do so, we have to cancel your membership, however.

Participation fees for events that are not free of charge must be paid either in advance by bank transfer or on the day of the event in cash or by bank card.


11) Which duties do I have as a member?


Well, as a club with more than 2,600 members, we clearly have a few conditions that all members must adhere to. You can find a detailed list of these in our club rules. The most important ones are briefly described below:

Updating your user profile: A membership in our club only makes sense if we can contact you and inform you about our services. Therefore, it is important that you keep your contact and account data up to date. You can easily manage your profile yourself at any time via our club loungeIf we cannot contact you for eight weeks in a row, we will unfortunately have to cancel your membership.

Check your spam folder continuously: We will remind you regularly by email to update your profile details. Unfortunately, however, it happens again and again that our e-mails end up in your spam folder. If this happens to you, just right-click on our message and select the "No Spam" or "No Junk" option to receive our e-mails in the future.

Unsubscribe from events: It's not a problem if you can't attend an event for which you have registered. But to be fair to our lecturers and participants who arrive on time and don't know if and how long they should wait for you, we ask you to cancel in time.


12) How do I cancel my membership?

In case you decide to leave the Alumni Club, you can cancel your membership anytime via our online form. In order to not be charged with the annual membership fee, please cancel your membership until 31 December.