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High Rope Park

The daring alumni club members went to the high rope park in Kirchschlag, near Linz. After successful hours in the trees there were still well-earned oven potatoes avalaible in the Waldhäusl.  Read more

Workshop Conflict Management

Conflicts accompany us daily (whether in private or in professional life). The participants in the excellent workshop on conflict management with Alexander Stankovsky were informed about how we can deal effectively with this problem and how to prevent conflict.  Read more

Presentation "Emotional Eating"

Almost 20 participants received a very informative lecture by Mag. Martina Tischer on "Emotional Eating". I will personally try to stick to the many advices ;-)  Read more

Alumni Club Trip 2017 - Danube Delta

Colony with 300 pelicans, bathing in the Black Sea, Silviu (best guide in the Donaudelta), sea eagle, jumping into the Danube Delta, summer weather, kingfisher, fresh Romanian houseboat food, Bucharest, wild boar, Spinachtour, Ursus beer, lighthouse at nautic mile "0", water chestnuts, ... birds/birds/birds .... and the "internal" houseboat code 8/1/7 (breakfast/lunch/ dinner)…  Read more

Presentation: Markus Pollhamer/Alexander Mach

In the full Alumni Club Lecture Hall (HS-7) at the Wels campus, more than 40 participants were given excellent information on the topic "How we can prepare ourselves today for the working world of tomorrow". Best thanks to Markus and Alexander!  Read more

Austrian Airlines - Crew Training Center

Unforgettable insights were offered to 15 alumni club members at Austrian Airlines in the Crew Training Center. Fire extinguishers, first aid, evacuation, emergency slides, ... now we know how much flight attendants actually need to know .... thank you dear colleagues from Austrian Airlines for the detailed and humorous information!  Read more

Botanical Garden Linz

Almost 20 alumni club members experienced a humorous tour of the Botanical Garden, Linz, including a honey tasting session on Tuesday evening. In conclusion there was still at the summer temperatures still buns & drinks for a nice ending :-)  Read more


The alumni club participants at the Red Cross Upper Austria received an excellent refreshing course last Friday.  Read more

Management Talk - Dr. Heinz Brock

Our first Alumni Club Management Talk, exclusively for medical students, was held on Wednesday at Campus Linz. Dr. Heinz Brock, CF, of the new Kepler University Hospital discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with the invited participants. With buns & drinks there was a comfortable conclusion.  Read more

Company Visit - Lenzing AG

20 very interested Alumni Club participants were given a perfect insight into the (fiber) world of Lenzing AG. Very informative guide with authentic guide, interesting strategy talk and great food. Thank you Lenzing AG, we would like to come back to you!  Read more

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