FH Upper Austria-Alumni working for educational justice


Teach For Austria offers academics* without teacher training the opportunity to teach at challenging schools and kindergartens for two years. GSM alumnus Michael Kass-Buchberger is currently a Fellow.

In search of a new challenge?

Teach For Austria employees tell in a video interview what this could look like

Every child in Austria has a right to a successful education - regardless of the parents' origin, education or financial possibilities. The organisation Teach For Austria - which has also existed in Upper Austria since 2017 - is dedicated to this goal.

Teach For Austria engages academics* without a pedagogical background, so-called "Fellows", as teachers at challenging schools where they work for equal opportunities. In addition to imparting knowledge, the task of the Fellows is to act as role models: they should motivate children and young people to make an effort at school and to use their potential to the full - be it by taking up a teaching profession, attending secondary school and/or completing a course of study. This is especially true for those pupils who come from the less privileged parts of our society.

The Teach For Austria Fellows encourage young people to believe in themselves and use their chance to become future specialists and top performers* in science and business. This benefits not only the students themselves, but also the companies that support Teach For Austria financially. The Fellows themselves can also benefit greatly from their two-year commitment: Not only through the enriching work with young people, but also through the Leadership Programme, which they undergo during this time. Probably the greatest reward for the Fellows, however, is when they see one or more of their students successfully follow the path to their desired education.


One of us: From FH degree programme to Fellow programme

One of the fellows is also FH Upper Austria graduate Michael Kass-Buchberger, who has been a member of the team since 2019. His credo is: "Dua wos for Upper Austria!" In the following video he briefly explains what it means to him to be a Fellow, in which area he was previously active and what he can personally take away from the Leadership Programme at Teach For Austria:

Video: Fellow Michael Kass-Buchberger in interview The FH OÖ graduate talks about the leadership program of Teach For Austria

If you are thinking of following a similar path as Michael, you are probably only a letter of application away: Teach For Austria is again looking for motivated Fellows until April 5th: CONCERNING THE VACANCY NOTICE 'FELLOW